Working principle of ammeter

Update date:2018-04-23 Source:MAXGE

1. The ammeter is made from the effect of an electric conductor on a magnetic field in a magnetic field.


2, ammeter inside a permanent magnets, magnetic field in the interelectrode, a coil in the magnetic field, coil two ends each have a balance spring spring, spring a terminal, each connecting ammeter in spring by a rotating shaft connection, between the coil and in the front of the shaft relative to the current meter, there is a pointer.

3. When the current is passing through, the current will pass along the spring and the rotating shaft through the magnetic field, and the current will cut the magnetic induction line, so the coil will be deflected by the force of the magnetic field, and the rotation axis and the pointer will be deflected.


4. As the magnitude of the magnetic force increases with the increase of the current, the magnitude of the current can be observed by the deflection of the pointer.

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