What is the future distribution network development?

Update date:2018-04-22 Source:MAXGE


In the current global energy pattern change, our country electric power reform continuously into the great situation of deep water area, dominated by clean energy, energy development new pattern for the center with power, power grid is becoming the main carrier of energy configuration.

Power distribution network, in particular, it is directly connected distributed renewable energy and active flexible load and the user, the foundation, is not only the physical carrier of the smart grid is the main source of data required for the relevant new technology, and is indispensable to the next generation of integrated energy system important role, so cherished.


Providing safe, reliable, efficient, green and interactive power services is the fundamental responsibility and goal of the distribution network. Distributed renewable energy and has the hair with storage and integration of the new type flexible load gradually osmosis, make modern distribution network with discrete, dynamic, non-linear, the characteristics of multi-objective and uncertainty, as a typical complex large system.

The future distribution system will satisfy the distributed renewable power and energy storage device of large-scale intervention, adapt to the new type load of plug and play, such as electric cars at the same time satisfy the user to the high-level requirements of power quality and information interaction.

The core value of the energy revolution is green and low-carbon, followed by energy conservation and efficiency. Finally, the goal of energy saving society is to meet the goal of energy saving society, and the energy supply side is multi-supply and multi-wheel drive. In order to solve these problems of power system, the application of energy Internet comes into being. Visionary and courageous pioneers have begun to explore innovative technologies and business models for the energy Internet.

In my opinion, the future urban distribution network will gradually evolve into an integrated energy service system. Its special attributes are systematic, extensive, inclusive, open and interactive. And its special attributes in technical characteristics are measurement digitization, control network, state visualization, function integration and information interaction.

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