Solar photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance

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Solar photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance

Today, the trend of installing solar photovoltaic power stations has been rising. Everyone is paying more and more attention to understanding and paying attention to solar power generation. The power generation capacity of photovoltaic power plants between neighbors is often compared. The photovoltaic power plant with the same installed capacity has such a big difference in power generation in one month. Some users who just installed photovoltaic power plants are said to have violated the regulations. Some problems need to be removed, etc.; where exactly is the problem?

We must look at the orientation of photovoltaic power plants. Because regardless of whether it is an industrial and commercial roof photovoltaic power station or a household photovoltaic power station, the location must be selected during installation and construction. The best location is to face north and south. If you can't face south, it's better to be southward.


Photovoltaic power plants have become illegal buildings and are not caused by unclear property rights. The right to use the land within the occupied area of the building is unknown, and the property rights of the building are unknown. When these property rights and use rights are not clear, the construction of the power station may be regarded as a violation of the regulations, and the risk of demolition of the urban management may be faced. For the user to build the power station first choice, it must be clear that the power plant construction object property rights and the right to use, take preventive measures.

There is a difference in the amount of power generation between the photovoltaic power plants in the neighborhood and the same capacity. Let us see if there is any shielding around the power station. Photovoltaic power plant shelters can not be underestimated, photovoltaic power plant shelter is divided into innate shelter and shelter. Inheritance is the blockage of buildings and vegetation around the power station that existed before the construction of the power station. Acquired shelter is the shelter created by the construction of the power station due to bird feces, fallen leaves, floating dust, and surrounding weeds. Obstruction is an invisible killer for photovoltaic power plants. Therefore, before and after the construction of the power station, it is necessary to ensure that the power station avoids obstruction. If there is an occlusion the day after tomorrow, it is necessary to develop the habit of regular operation and maintenance, and timely deal with the shields existing in the power station.


1. Daily inspection and regular maintenance of solar photovoltaic power generation system

The operation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic power generation system is divided into daily inspection and regular maintenance. The operation and management personnel must have certain expertise, high sense of responsibility and serious and responsible attitude, and check the overall operation status of the photovoltaic power generation system and observe the equipment every day. Instruments, metering detectors, and monitoring and inspection system display data, regular inspections, inspection records. 1, daily detection of photovoltaic power generation system

During the normal operation of the photovoltaic power generation system, daily inspection is indispensable. Generally, a system with a capacity of more than 20 KW should be equipped with a dedicated inspection, and a system with a capacity of less than 20 KW can be checked by the user. Daily inspections are usually performed once a day or once a class. The main contents of the daily inspection are as follows.

Observe whether the surface of the battery array is clean, remove dust and dirt in time, clean it with clean water or wipe with a clean rag, but do not use chemical cleaning.

(1) Observe all equipment for corrosion, damage, etc., touch the housing of the equipment with the back of the hand to check whether there is any temperature abnormality, check the exposed conductor for insulation aging, mechanical damage, and whether there is water in the cabinet. Check for small animals and take immediate and effective measures to resolve them. If serious abnormalities are found, besides immediately cutting off the power supply and taking effective measures, report the relevant personnel and make a record.

(2) Observe whether the battery casing is deformed or cracked, whether there is liquid leakage, whether the charge/discharge status is good, and whether the charging current is appropriate; whether the ambient temperature and ventilation are good, whether the interior is clean, and whether the outside of the battery has dirt or dust.


2. Regular maintenance of photovoltaic power generation system

In addition to routine inspections, photovoltaic power generation systems also require professionals to regularly inspect and maintain them. Regular maintenance is usually conducted once a month or a half month, as follows.

(1) Check and understand the operation records, analyze the operation status of the photovoltaic power generation system, and make judgments on the operational status of the photovoltaic power generation system. If any problems are found, perform professional maintenance and guidance immediately.

(2) Equipment appearance inspections and internal inspections mainly involve activities and linking of some conductors, especially high-current-density conductors, power devices, and places that are prone to corrosion.

(3) Periodically clean the cooling fan for the inverter and check whether it is normal, remove the dust regularly, check each terminal

Whether the screws are tight or not, check whether there are any traces left over from overheating or bad parts, and check whether the wires are aging.

(4) Periodically check and maintain the relative density of the battery electrolyte and replace the damaged battery in time.

(5) When there are conditions, infrared detection method can be used to inspect the photovoltaic power grids, lines and electrical equipment, and find problems to solve in time.

In addition to the above requirements, attention should also be paid to the construction conditions, access methods, and line orientation during the design of the PV power plant.

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