Regular maintenance of photovoltaic power generation system.

Update date:2018-04-21 Source:MAXGE

In addition to routine inspection, the photovoltaic power generation system needs regular inspection and maintenance by professional staff, and regular maintenance is conducted once a month or half a month. The content is as follows.


(1) check the running records, understanding, analysis of the operation situation of photovoltaic power generation system for judging the operation of the photovoltaic power generation systems, if found the problem, immediately for professional maintenance and guidance.

(2) the appearance inspection and internal inspection of the equipment mainly involve activities and links of some wires, especially large current density wires, power devices, and easily corroded places.


(3) for inverter should regularly clean the cooling fan bin check whether normal, regularly remove the dust inside the machine, check whether the terminal screw fastening, check any traces left by a cluster of overheating and bad device, check whether the wire aging.

(4) regularly check and keep the battery electrolyte to the density, and replace the damaged storage battery in time.


(5) if there are conditions, the method of infrared detection can be used to check the photovoltaic power grid, line and electrical equipment, and solve the problem in time.

In addition to the above needs, we should pay attention to the construction conditions, access mode and route direction in the design process of photovoltaic power station.

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