The resolution of a faulty wire.

Update date:2018-04-20 Source:MAXGE

Wire is related to the homes of life and property safety and normal operation of almost all industries can special goods, use scope is extremely widespread, especially in the temporary thread and a family to decorate interior thread usage is very large, if you use the fake of wire and cable, light may cause short circuit, electric shock, heavy could cause a fire, causing casualties.


The characteristics of fake electric wires.

1. The cable length is not enough.

The main method used by illegal manufacturers is to make articles on the length of wire and cable. The actual length of wire and cable is less than nominal length, while the price charge is carried out according to the nominal length. This kind of deception is easier to identify, one is to see the qualified card; The second is the sampling length, because the wiring is relatively soft and easy to measure.


2. The resistance value does not meet the national standards.

A wire with excessive electrical resistance may be too hot in the same current to accelerate the aging of the outer insulating layer, resulting in a short circuit fire. And because of excessive resistance, it will greatly increase the energy consumption of the transmission process and increase the cost of electricity.


3. Poor material material.

The first is the use of a much lower price of copper, copper recovery, and even copper, the copper content is extremely unstable, resulting in a large increase of copper conductor resistivity. The second is to reduce the amount of copper. To reduce the actual area of copper core, the direct result of these two methods is that electric wires overheat in the process of use, damaging the insulating layer plastic, causing a short circuit and causing a fire.

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