Circuit breaker connection mode

Update date:2018-04-19 Source:MAXGE

Circuit breaker connection mode  Before and after board, insert type, drawer type, user without special requirement, all press board before supply, plate front wiring is common connection mode.


(1) post-board connection mode: the biggest feature of the post-panel wiring is that the circuit breaker can be replaced or repaired without rewiring, and only the front power supply is disconnected. Due to the special structure, when the product leaves the factory, according to the requirements of design has been configured with a special installation plate and screw, screw connection, need special attention is due to the large capacity of circuit breaker contact reliability will directly affect the normal use of circuit breaker, so must be attention when installation, strictly according to the requirements of manufacturing plant for installation.


(2) plug-in connection: on the installation board of the complete set, install the installation seat of a circuit breaker, install 6 plugs on the socket, and have 6 sockets on the connector board of the circuit breaker. The mounting seat has a connecting plate or a bolt behind the mounting seat, and the mounting seat is pre-connected with the power cord and load line. When used, insert the breaker directly into the mounting bracket. If the circuit breaker is broken, just pull out the bad and replace it with a good one. Its replacement time is shorter than the plate, and the wiring is short and convenient. It takes a certain amount of manpower to plug and pull. So at present China's plug-in products, the shell shelf current limit at the maximum of 400A. This saves maintenance and replacement time. Insert circuit breaker should check whether the breaker's plug is pressed tightly during installation, and the circuit breaker should be securely fastened to reduce contact resistance and improve reliability.


 (3) the drawer wiring circuit breaker in and out of the drawer is made by a handle clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, in the main circuit and the secondary loop adopts the plug-in structure, omitted the stationary isolator, necessary to accomplish one machine with two, improve the economic benefit of the use, at the same time to make a lot of convenient for operation and maintenance, increases the security and reliability. In particular, the main loop of the drawer's main circuit, which can be used with the NT type circuit breaker, can be used to directly plug the fuse power in emergency situations.

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