Distribution box construction requirements.

Update date:2018-04-17 Source:MAXGE

1. The electrical construction personnel must hold the certification of the industry department in accordance with the relevant provisions of the electrician operation certificate, and no electrician operator shall be allowed to engage in the installation of electrical construction.


2. Electrical construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the installation standards and specifications of the relevant state regulations.

3. The outlet of the distribution box shall be fitted with the pipe diameter of the pipe, and the outlet of the distribution box shall be made of insulated rubber protection.


4. The line pipe in the ceiling is fixed on the special hanger rod. The installation distance of the derrick is in line with the specification. The pipe casing should be reliably grounded, and it is strictly prohibited to bind on the air conditioner and fire pipe. Line tube should be neat to avoid crossing between lines.

5. The metal junction box shall have a reliable grounding, the box shall be kept clean and free of sundries, and the three-hole socket must be left and right fire, and the two sockets must be left and right fire. The wall socket USES a dust - proof socket.


6, shop requirements within each phase line, zero line, the color of the ground shall not use the same kind of color, color must conform to the provisions of the state line, namely protect earth (PE) should be yellow and green colors, zero line with light blue, in line with: A phase - color - green, yellow, B C color - red.

7. All kinds of lights and equipment must have special protective earthing line.

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