Distribution box and distribution cabinet

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The distribution box is a small power distribution box with internal power switches and fuses. The structure is relatively simple and mostly used for terminal power distribution. The distribution box is the last level distribution facility in the power supply system. A distribution box can be a power input line and a plurality of power output loops. The power output loop from the distribution box leads to the various power loads, due to the distribution box. The volume is small and can not be put into large-scale power distribution equipment, so the capacity of the distribution box is not large. Generally, 4-8 small loads use one distribution box. The distribution box is arranged in the center of the power supply load, using cable or The wire will deliver electricity to the load. Mainly used for the control of electrical equipment, power distribution, overload protection, short circuit, leakage protection.


The power distribution cabinet is the upper level power distribution equipment of the distribution box, which has a relatively large volume and can accommodate a large amount of electrical equipment. Therefore, it is generally used as a medium-capacity load distribution equipment, including a distribution box and an electric motor. Its applicable capacity varies from one process to another, typically from several kilowatts to tens of kilowatts. In the traditional distribution box to provide leakage protection and short-circuit protection, it also provides over-voltage protection, fire power, lightning protection, automatic power supply, temperature protection, power limit, fault recording, self-test function, learning and memory, mobile Internet Visualization and digitization.


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