Make sure you buy the safe air switch

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In our present life, we are all dependent on electricity. Its role is obvious. But, electricity this thing, see not touch, very easy accident. So, at this point, we're going to use the circuit breaker for safety. It's a very affordable, safe tool. Many people have seen it in theirlives, and most have used it. But, I don't know its name.

Now, we have a good understanding of the circuit breaker. See how it works in our lives. In many people's homes, there must be an old-fashioned protective circuit, which is a fuse and a safe. This kind of thing, in the 1990s, was very useful. Because of its emergence, it has reduced a lot of power disaster. However, due to the different nature of the fuse, the handling effect is different in case of leakage and overpressure.

For copper, its resistance is small and its price is low, which is suitable for conducting electricity. However, its melting point is too high, and in the case of leakage, it cannot be disconnected in time. Silver, with a smaller resistance and a low melting point, is very vulnerable to power failure in the event of a sudden power accident. However, its price is very high, which is not suitable for the use of large farmers. So in the countryside, most people use a low safety factor, but cheap copper fuses.

In this case, there are people involved in the study of fuses. Reform, innovation, learn from foreign experience. Eventually the circuit breaker was invented. This kind of instrument, small volume, low cost, so low price, and high safety performance.

It can not only close the current, but also can carry a large amount of current. Also, power can be lost immediately when a sudden power leakage occurs. Reduce casualties and various financial losses. In the event of severe overload, or short circuit, or undervoltage, the circuit breaker can be automatically recognized, and does not need to be the same as the old one, slowly melting the resistance and acting as a power failure. That's a lot of time and a lot of trouble.

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