The tripper in circuit breaker

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The thermal magnetic tripper provides magnetic protection and thermal protection, and thermal protection is overload protection. In general, thermal magnetic circuit in the trip to provide short circuit and overload protection, only special occasions with electromagnetic trip with short circuit protection, while the other components (such as thermal relay) to provide overload protection.


The electromagnetic trip is in series with the protected circuit. The electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnet is less than the force of the force spring, and the armature cannot be sucked by the electromagnet, and the circuit breaker operates normally. When in fault line, several times, more than normal current electromagnet produce the electromagnetic force is greater than the reaction force of the spring force, driven by electromagnet pull-up through the drive mechanism armature trip free agency to release the main contact. The main contact is separated by the brake spring and the circuit is shorted to protect the circuit.


In parallel with the power side of the circuit breaker, the loss of pressure release can play the role of undervoltage and zero pressure protection. Pull (operating handle when supply voltage is normal, the breaker auxiliary contact closed normally open, electricity electromagnet, armature magnet to absorb, free trip mechanism to lock in the closing position, will be the main contact circuit breaker in operation.

Shunt tripping device is used for remote operation of low voltage circuit breaker control. Its electromagnetic coils are connected in parallel to the power side of the low-voltage circuit breaker. When the brake operation is needed, the electric magnet of the shunt tripping device can be electrically operated by pressing the normally open button, which drives the free trip mechanism through the transmission mechanism, so that the low-voltage circuit breaker can be turned off.


The electronic tripper can have all of the above functions and can be easily adjusted. Electronic tripping device is a circuit composed of electronic components, which detects the current of the main circuit, amplifies and drives the tripping mechanism.

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