Damage of short circuit fault

Update date:2018-04-10 Source:MAXGE

(1) the current increases sharply. The current in short circuit is much larger than normal working current, which can reach ten times of normal current. The three-phase short-circuit current can reach tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of amps. Such a large current would have a huge impact, causing the electrical equipment to deform or damage, while a large amount of heat would cause the device to overheat and damage. Sometimes the arc produced by a short circuit may burn the equipment directly.


(2) the voltage drops sharply. Three phase short circuit, short circuit voltage zero point, short circuit near the point of voltage is decreased obviously, which will result in electricity equipment cannot work normally, such as asynchronous motor speed dropped, or even halt.

(3) the stability of power system operation may be destroyed. After power system short circuit, the electromagnetic power of the generator output is reduced, and the mechanical power of the prime mover input to reduce accordingly, thus appear unbalanced power, this will lead to the generator rotor speed. Generator speed quick, the generator speed is slow, thus making the generator Angle difference between each other is more and more big, this can cause joint operation of the generator out of sync, damage the system stability, causing large area power outage.


(4) the unbalanced current will flow through the system in asymmetrical short circuit, and it will be very high in adjacent parallel communication lines.


Electrical potential and a large current, interference with communications, may also pose a danger to equipment and people. In the above results, the most serious is the destruction of the power system's joint operation stability, which is described as the disaster of the national economy, followed by the sharp increase of current.

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