MAXGE with you witness the Canton fair in spring 2018.

Update date:2018-04-05 Source:MAXGE

At the opening of the 123rd exhibition, the exhibition booth is in short supply. It is reported that there are more than 40 million small and medium-sized enterprises in China, but there are only 55,000 booths at the current fair, with large enterprises accounting for more than 70%, and few small and medium-sized enterprises can get the booths. Most small and medium-sized enterprises face the fierce competition of booths, most of them are the way of the exhibition booth. Although the small and medium-sized enterprises participated in the Canton fair, the company's name and information could not be found in the official information. "Although many buyers receive many enterprise single consistent with you need the product, but on the official information can't find the name of the enterprise and information, and the credibility of the enterprise question." The head of guangdong business association said.


, to care for the booth joint participation of small and medium enterprises in guangdong province by the letter committee launched the "wonga video project", in 103 small and medium-sized enterprises in guangdong province, 1 m small and medium-sized firms were selected as the support object, through the "government support, the chamber of commerce organizations, enterprises, market operation" works, help them propaganda video recording, and then the system input video in the Canton fair, distributed to the 250000 global buyers. At the same time in the website alibaba e-commerce platform, China import and export commodities fair catalogue website, China products network, business network, guangdong province small and medium-sized enterprise information network, exhibition with more than 20 authority sites, such as the network platform for online broadcast propaganda. The guangdong letter committee hopes to alleviate the shortage of exhibition booths to some extent, and encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the exhibition.


Beauty high electric is a have their own research and development design ability and the independent brand low-voltage distribution enterprise integrating industry and trade, the company covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, the introduction of multiple intelligent automatic production line, equipped with independent research and development center, product quality supervision, inspection and other hardware equipment. The products are mainly low-voltage circuit breaker series, industrial control series and solar pv series.

In March 2018, the high electrical with the latest research and development of complete sets of smart home system, a new type of solar power distribution equipment off the top power exhibition dubai power exhibition, exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, products exhibition customer consistent high praise.


On April 15-19, MAXGE electric will display its unique charm in guangzhou pazhou pavilion, expecting new and old customers to negotiate!


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