Performance comparison of fuse and circuit breaker

Update date:2018-04-04 Source:MAXGE

The main advantages of the fuse.

    1) good selectivity. 

    2) good limit flow characteristics and high breaking capacity; 

    3) relatively small size; 

    4) the price is cheaper.


The main defect of the fuse.

    1) the fuse must be replaced after the fault is fused; 

    2) the protection function is single, with only one period of current inverse time, overload, short circuit and ground fault. 

     3) in the event of a phase fuse, the three phase motor will cause the adverse consequences of the operation of the two phases. Of course, the fuse of the alarm signal can be used to compensate, and the three-phase fuse can be disconnected. 

    4) the remote control cannot be realized, and it is possible to combine with the electric knife switch and switch combination.


Main advantages of circuit breakers.

    1) after the fault is broken, the manual operation can be reset without replacing the component, unless it needs to be repaired after cutting off the large short circuit current; 

    2) the two sections of protection function of the long time delay trip and instantaneous current tripping device with anti-time-limit characteristics are respectively used as overload and short-circuit protection, respectively. 

    3) the remote control can be realized when the live operating mechanism.


Main defect of circuit breaker.

    1) it is difficult to realize selective cut-off between the upper and lower class non-selective circuit breakers. When the fault current is large, it can easily lead to the instantaneous disconnection of the upper and lower circuit breakers

    2) relatively high price; 

    3) partial breaker capacity is smaller, for example, if the circuit breaker with a small rated current is installed in the position of a large capacity transformer, the breaking capacity is not enough. The products with high breaking capacity can be satisfied, but the price is higher.

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