Use of under protective voltage circuit breaker can protect the electrical safety

Update date:2017-10-06 Source:MAXGE


With the development of the electric power industry, the electricity is now with every detail of our lives, so to the protection of electric power industry, started to get more and more people's attention, because of the circuit in daily work, easily because of over voltage or under voltage and appear some fault, the fault if not be stopped or maintenance in time, very prone to fire and very severe accidents, serious threat to us, work safety, that using under-voltage protection circuit breaker can be very good guarantee our work life for safety.

1.under voltage circuit breaker is capable of carrying freedom close and back to the way all current, corresponding control work, if there is a load current or the fault current, over voltage circuit breaker is very sensitive to the current be cut, but also for recombination current still can have turned on and compensation effect, can prevent the accident of such intangible expanded, all can ensure the safe operation of the circuit loop, so that when all the electric appliances once appear, super boy or abnormal operating conditions, as long as failure, owe protection voltage circuit breakerwill automatically disconnect switch, have the effect of protecting circuit, but also for the leakage protection, has powerful function, this is now very widely used, can make electric safety prevention to get a bigger role in promoting,

2.and in a circuit, under voltage circuit breaker can be used in the distribution of electrical energy, do not need to be very frequent start asynchronous motor, can be the protection of the power circuit of the motor is very good, if these machines occurred serious overload or short circuit, in order to prevent under-voltage fault after undervoltage circuit breaker can be automatically cut off the circuit, and timely in the process of operation is very fast, so the functional very powerful equivalent to fuse switch and the combination of undervoltage circuit breaker function, and also do not need to change parts, after analysis of fault current in the process of using very simple and convenient.

3.and now the undervoltage circuit breaker price is very cheap, and the installation and use is also very simple, movement time very fast so heavily in the shortest possible time control failure, avoid trigger a more serious accident, we all know as soon as the result of the electrical fires are very serious, so under voltage circuit breaker's significance is very powerful, the most important thing is that you can fit any electricity monitoring and protection, greatly improve our safety performance, let the electricity has been in a very safe no hidden trouble, for daily work and maintenance, also has a great role in promoting.



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