Earth leakage switch wiring considerations

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Earth leakage switch wiring considerations

  Leakage switch wiring Note the following points. When installing the leakage switch, the neutral line and the protection line must be strictly differentiated. When the three-phase four-wire and four-pole four-wire leakage protection device is used, the neutral line shall be connected to the leakage protection device, and the neutral line of the leakage protection device may not be installed. As a protection line. The zero line of work must not be grounded repeatedly on the load side of the leakage protector, otherwise the leakage switch cannot work normally. The branch circuit of the leakage protector, its working zero line can only be used as the working neutral line of the circuit, it is forbidden to connect with the working neutral line of other loops, and other lines or equipment cannot borrow the line or equipment after the leakage protection device has been used. The zero line of work. Satisfying these three leakage protectors will not trip. If the wiring is correct, it is very likely that the leakage switch is broken.


  The grounding protection line does not pass through (leakage) the leakage protection switch (including any control switch), but is directly connected to the metal casing of the electrical equipment (some equipment has a grounding symbol), and the other end is connected to the total power supply at home. On the grounding terminal in the control box (box), the grounding wire of the general power supply control box in the home is a black plastic bag (multi-stranded) wire or a yellow and green two-color single-stranded copper wire; and the household receives the power equipment The grounding protection line should also use plastic double-colored plastic envelopes.


  The working mechanism of the leakage protector and the protective ground wire is not the same, but the starting point is good, and the personal protection is implemented. Leakage current will produce leakage current. The leakage protection device detects whether the current flowing out of the leakage protection device is equal to the returned current. If not, it will be judged as leakage, and the leakage protection device will act to complete a protection process. Poor insulation of the electrical equipment results in leakage. If no leakage current is generated, the leakage protector cannot identify leakage. However, when the human body comes into contact with the leakage electrical equipment, the leakage current will be generated. At this time, the leakage protector will trip. Of course, if the human body accidentally touches the FireWire to form an electric shock, then when the leakage is handled, the leakage protector will act.


  Note: When the human body comes into contact with the live and neutral wires at the same time, it is not a leakage current, so the leakage protector will not trip. The protection of the ground is not the same, the outer shell of the electrical equipment to protect the ground, once the electrical equipment leakage, leakage is released to the earth, the human body touches the leakage of electrical equipment because it is the ground potential, the voltage is very low, can not form an electric shock, this When it comes to protecting the ground, it plays an important role. Of course, if the leakage protector is also connected, the leakage protector will trip. In order to prevent electric shock from forming a shock to the human body, it is necessary to install a protective ground wire, and at the same time, to prevent electric shock accidents from occurring in the event of a malfunction of the electric leakage protector. Special attention: The zero line cannot be used as a protective earth.

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