The prevention measures of electric leakage fire.

Update date:2018-04-01 Source:MAXGE


In order to establish and improve the electrical operation procedures, all electrical workers must learn to master these operating procedures, and non-electrical professionals are not allowed to work. We should strengthen the training of electrical workers, organize regular training courses, improve the technical and safety awareness of electrical workers, and eliminate the human factors that cause fire.


Take necessary technical protection measures.

(1) installation of leakage protector. Current low-voltage distribution system in the protection of the zero and overcurrent protection devices and other measures can't effectively prevent the occurrence of leakage fire, therefore, in the current building the into the line should be set dedicated to fire prevention of the leakage protector. To prevent blackouts in power distribution box and switch box customers should set up the leakage protector, rated its rated current action and action time should be reasonable to cooperate, make it has the function of graded protection.

(2) reasonable selection of protection connection (protection ground wire) and design grounding resistance. The selection of the sectional area of protection and protection of the ground wire must be determined by calculation and checked by the short-circuit current of the contact shell. Its terminals must be securely connected, not allowed to be loose, and check its connection quality frequently. Electrical equipment protective earthing resistance value should not be more than 4 Ω, such as the capacity of electrical equipment is larger, the melt fuse current is bigger also, should increase the grounding line cross section or parallel body to fully decrease grounding resistance, increase the leakage short-circuit current, thus is advantageous to the protective device.


(3) perform equipotential connections. Leakage protector for single-phase 220 v circuit provides only indirect contact protection, at the same time there are for parts wear short life, poor contact, quality instability caused by factors such as action failure of pitfalls, couldn't become a reliable protection, so is the equipotential connection should be implemented, can effectively eliminate the leakage of electric circuit or device with low potential metal components between the generation of electric arc and spark, which eliminate the leakage voltage may cause fire.

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