Leakage of electricity causes fire

Update date:2018-03-29 Source:MAXGE

(1) leakage current causes fire. The leakage fault point usually has an unreal contact, which may lead to a large contact resistance, which makes it difficult for the overcurrent protection device to move, and generates an arc at the point of failure. According to the measurement, the arc temperature of the current of 0.5A can exceed 2000 or above, enough to ignite all combustible materials.


(2) to protect the connection terminals of the zero line or the protection ground wire is not solid, causing a fire. Phase line and zero line terminal connections are not real, the operation of the equipment can be found in a timely manner, protect the zero or ground terminal connection untrue, resistance is too big, the equipment work as usual, fault point is difficult to be found. Once leakage, due to the fault point joint is too loose or corrosion, etc., the presence of high resistance, cause local overheating, terminals at high temperature or electric arc, can spark around flammable substances, or burn out electrical socket and switch, ignition wooden base, this is the more common forms of residual current fire.


(3) fire caused by leakage voltage. After leakage continues, because the current cannot diaspora, and guide to find the other one road leads to resistance, zero line (ground) along the protection take conduction that all connected with the metal shell of the electric devices with the voltage, then can to nearby low potential of warm water pipe, gas pipe and other metal components flash-over become fire origin, 20 v voltage alone can make the arc occurs continuously, can also be ignited fuel around. If it is an arc to the gas, it may break through the pipe wall, causing a gas leak to cause a fire. It should be noted that, due to the conduction of voltage, the leakage point is not necessarily consistent with the ignition point.


(4) to protect the line diameter of the zero line or to protect the ground wire, if the selection is too small, the line will rise faster when passing the larger leakage current, which can also cause the fire.

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