These precautions tell you how to buy a circuit breaker

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The circuit breaker can buy a variety of methods on the above line, but for such a big device, most people should go to the physical store to see the goods and determine its quality. They believe that the warranty, delivery and return of physical stores are more convenient, which is why they are buying here. We can choose any choice, but how to choose? Would you fall into that trap? Choosing a good product isn't an easy thing to do.

When buying, choose the most important that suits you, don't make the last spend money is not for oneself, this is very sad. The purchase rate of this product is not low, but you need to have a goal, know what kind of you want to buy, the performance requirement should be done in the mind, actually use its function.

We should be careful to observe the good and bad of the product, not to have some physical damage, to scratch, to look carefully, otherwise it is very difficult to detect. You can try to see it at different angles, horizontal and vertical angles, and tilt angles. Or to observe in different light, make sure that there is no missing to be assured, avoid some businessmen "fish eyes mixed".

After checking, as a user should experience the function of the circuit breaker, how do you know if it is good if you don't experience it? In its use, some functions will be used repeatedly to make it a big discount, use more times cannot guarantee its elasticity will not be good, the sensitivity will also decrease. Test the related functions, test them one by one, and try out some of the main functions. We should be foolproof in the selection, ask the manufacturers the situation, and prepare themselves beforehand.

The situation of delivery also needs to be noted, whether the businessman is the door-to-door, or oneself come to take, you need to ask clearly, the problem that went out is what warranty? Ask how long it will last, etc. All these questions need to be made clear, otherwise it will be their own.

Finally, at the time of buying the breaker needs to check the invoice information, see whether models, because of some brand model is very close but price gap is too far away, especially the foreign investment, pay attention to the always good. If your purchase price is too high, or the quantity is too much, then the invoice needs to pay more attention, otherwise in the maintenance and return of the return will encounter a lot of trouble. In addition, you need to have a business card for the guide. In case of problems, the manufacturer and the shopping mall and the guide can find it and solve the problem more quickly.

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