Basic requirements for electricity safety

Update date:2018-03-21 Source:MAXGE

1. Electricity users should conduct electricity safety education and training for users so that they can master the basics of electricity safety and first aid knowledge.

2. Before using the electrical device, it shall be confirmed that it has passed the inspection or approval by the inspection agency designated by the country.

3. Before using the electrical device, it should be confirmed that it meets the corresponding environmental requirements and use level requirements.

4. Before using the electrical device, it is necessary to carefully read the product instruction manual to understand the dangers that may occur and the corresponding preventive measures, and to use it correctly according to the requirements of the product manual.

5. The power-using unit or individual shall master the rated capacity, protection methods and requirements of the used electrical devices, the setting values of the protection devices and the specifications of the protection components. Do not change electrical installations or extend electrical lines. Do not arbitrarily increase the rated capacity of the electrical device. Do not arbitrarily change the setting value of the protection device and the specifications of the protection element.

6. No electrical device should be overloaded or faulty.

7. There should be enough safety passages and working spaces around the electrical equipment and electrical lines. No flammable, explosive, and corrosive materials should be stacked near electrical devices. It is prohibited to place or hang items on overhead lines.

8. The used electrical circuit must have sufficient dielectric strength, mechanical strength and electrical conductivity and should be checked regularly. It is forbidden to use electrical lines that are insulated or lose their insulation properties.

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