Automated manufacturing

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Automated manufacturing

First, the production line has the following characteristics:

  1. One or a few kinds of products (parts) are fixedly produced on the assembly line, and the production process is continuous;

  2. Each working site on the assembly line is arranged in the order of the product process. Only one or a few processes are fixed in each work place, and the degree of specialization is high;

  3, production line in accordance with a unified beat production (the so-called beat, is the production line before and after the production of two identical products between the time interval);

  4. The production capacity of a working site on the assembly line is balanced, proportional, and the processing time of each process is equal to the multiple of the beat or beat;

  5, the assembly line has a special delivery device, the product moves in a one-way transportation route.


Second, the advantages of automated assembly line:

  The use of automated assembly line production is conducive to the application of advanced science and technology and modern enterprise management techniques. It can simplify the production layout, reduce the number of production workers and the storage of intermediate warehouses and semi-finished products, shorten the production cycle, improve the quality of production, increase products, reduce Production costs, improvement of working conditions, and promotion of modernization of production, but under the same conditions, the cost of auto lines is high, the area is relatively large, the organization and management requirements in production are high, and the range of activities of production workers is relatively large.


Third, the scope of application of automated assembly line:

The automatic line is suitable for the production of the following products and production processes

  1, stereotypes, large quantities, a certain life bearing products.

  2, the product's structure is easy to transfer, automatic loading and unloading, positioning and clamping, automatic processing, assembly and testing.

  3, the product structure is more complex, more processing processes, process routes are too long and the design of the automaton subsystem is too much, the structure is too complex, the body is too large, difficult to manipulate or even no way to work to ensure the number and quality of processing, such as Head of sewing machine, reducer box, engine box, etc.

  4, the packaging, assembly process-based production process, such as batteries, toothpaste and other products, the production of liquids, solid materials such as weighing.

  5, because of processing methods, environmental and other factors and not suitable for automatic production, can be designed into automatic lines, such as painting, cleaning, welding, drying, heat treatment.


  MAXGE is fully equipped with automatic production lines and intelligent quality inspection equipment, manufacturing a wide range of high-voltage and low-voltage products, such as miniature circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection, molded case circuit breakers, distribution boxes, AC Contactors, air circuit breakers and solar combiner boxes, and smart electronics.

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