Chemicals giant BASF adds circuit breaker grade to Ultramid range

Update date:2017-10-05 Source:MAXGE


BASF is expanding its polyamide range to include a flame-retardant grade for use in electronics and electrical engineering.

Ultramid B3U31G4 impresses in the glow-wire test, is noted for its good mechanics and good processing properties and is particularly suitable for manufacturing circuit breakers for domestic use.

The grade is ideal for circuit breakers to safeguard circuits and, in an emergency, cut off the power supply reliably within milliseconds. This occurs both in the event of brief power surges and in the event of an excessive continuous load. The plastics from which these circuit breakers are manufactured must therefore meet high requirements in terms of their mechanical properties and fire behaviour (glow-wire test at 960°C).

Ultramid B3U31G4 passes this crucial glow-wire test with a wall thickness of 1 millimeter. Likewise, the circuit breakers need to be reusable after they have been triggered, for example after a short circuit caused by incorrect operation, or an assembly or commissioning fault. This means the housing of the circuit breaker must withstand the energy which is explosively released. Only then can the switch simply be flipped back after such triggering and the protective function be restored immediately. Thanks to the combination of outstanding mechanical properties with good flowability, the new Ultramid grade is particularly suitable for this application.

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