Light+Building 2018 Frankfurt, Germany

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Light+Building 2018 Frankfurt, Germany

  The Light+Building International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany (the article concludes with a surprise) was held by the Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition is held every two years. It is also an important one for companies to open the German market. Platform, Frankfurt, Germany The International Lighting & Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition Light+Building attracted 2,458 exhibitors in the last session. The number of merchants reached 211,500. The exhibition was held at the Exhibition Centre Frankfurt in Frankfurt, with an exhibition area of 245,000 square meters.


  Light + Building is held every two years at the exhibition base in Frankfurt, Germany. It is the world's largest lighting and construction service trade fair. The expo will demonstrate a solution to reduce energy consumption and increase comfort. From the photovoltaics and electricity-driven LED technology to the smart electricity use of smart meters and smart grids will be present at the show. This is due to the combination of lighting and network construction work skills. Exhibitors have the opportunity to demonstrate the diversity of goods and skills, which will make a significant contribution to the full development of the energy-saving potential of the construction. The successful concept of Light + Building was based on the development trend of the time. It was full, powerful, and future-oriented.


  The two-year Light + Building is one of the most important fairs in the international professional field. From investors to architects, from senior engineers to program engineers, process engineers and operators, from wholesalers to retailers, professionals around the world working in lighting, electroplating, and house and building automation are lighted. + Building attracted.


  Today, Light+Building is the most important and largest exposition in the field of specialization. It has received strong support from the Association of Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers of Germany, the German Federation of Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers, the German Sanitary Trade Association, and the Association for the Acquisition of Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment.


  At this exhibition, MAXGE Electric will send a strong technical and business representative led by the chairman. Regional sales managers will be in charge of business contact throughout the world to provide one-on-one services such as technical solutions, product introductions and system pricing. To customers. From March 18 to March 23, 2018, we are at BOOTH: 10.1 A07. (you can get a exquisite gift from the company's booth! !)

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