Rotary switch

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Rotary switch

  Rotary switches can be used as rotary pulse generators to replace the traditional resistance potentiometer analog functions. These rotary switches are usually applied to the front panel of the instrument and the human-machine interface of the audio/video control panel. The rotary switch uses a quadrature optical encoder instead of an analog potentiometer. Pure digital devices. These rotary switches are similar in appearance to conventional or resistive potentiometers, but the internal construction of these rotary switches is fully digital and uses optical technology. Similar to traditional incremental encoder products, there are two orthogonal output signals (Channel A and Channel B) that can be directly connected to the encoder processing chip.


A rotary switch is a switch that controls the opening and closing of a main contact by rotating a handle. There are also two types of rotary switches, namely a monopolar unit structure and a multipole, multi-bit structure. Single-pole unit rotary switches are often used in conjunction with rotary shaft potentiometers in applications where multi-pole, multi-position rotary switches are used to switch operating state lines.


working principle

Within a certain range is to change the resistance value, then there is a contact switch, which is the switch of the old-fashioned TV set and radio, and now the fan has several gears, and several sets of lead wires of the fan winding are connected by changing the coils. Number of revolutions to change the speed, principle and potentiometer similar


Structural features

The common band switch and the shift switch of the universal meter are all rotary switches. There are two types of switch: one is the BBM (Break Before Make) contact type, which is characterized in that the movable contact first disconnects the front contact point during the transposition. 


After the contact is connected, there is a state in which both the front contact and the back contact are disconnected: the other is the MBB (Make Before Break) contact type, which is characterized in that the moving contact has a contact with both front and rear contacts when the switch is in position. . Then disconnect the front contact and maintain contact with the back contact. In the circuit design, the appropriate rotary switch should be selected according to circuit usage and circuit safety.

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