Time switch introduction

Update date:2018-03-12 Source:MAXGE

The time switch is divided into the mechanical time switch and the electronic time switch from the function. The mechanical time switch is generally composed of a knob, a contact reed, a spring, a contact wheel, a rotating shaft, an oil box, and a resistance plate, and uses the principle of the timepiece to perform the timing. Broken.


The electronic time switch is a power switch control device that uses a single-chip microprocessor as the core and electronic circuits to form a power switch control device, which can control the opening and closing of home appliances in days or weeks and multiple time periods. The time is set from 1 second to 168 hours, 20 groups can be set each day, and there are multiple control functions. A set of long-term effective.


It is mainly used for opening and closing of street lighting and courtyard lighting. It is used to control opening and closing of neon lights, advertising light boxes and road signs. Preheating and opening control of production equipment is used for flower and vegetable greenhouse cultivation.


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