AC contactor series auxiliary

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AC contactor series auxiliary

The auxiliary contact of the flow contactor is used to control the three live lines of the three-phase alternating current; the auxiliary contact is used to achieve:


1. Self-locking: The contactor has other auxiliary contacts in addition to the main contacts. If using other auxiliary contacts to make self-holding contacts, it is self-locking.

2. Interlocking: Interlocking is the use of the normally closed contact of the contactor to disconnect other contactors or relays to ensure that when one contactor is working, the other cannot work, mainly for safety reasons, such as the positive and negative reversal of the motor Circuits


3. Other circuits that need to be controlled at the same time.

  1: The contactor is used in the circuit that controls the on-off of the primary circuit by using the secondary circuit's on-off. Let's talk about the basic components of the contactor! The contactor mainly has an armature. (There are two parts, one part is still and one part is movable)

  2: In the stationary part of the armature, there is a coil, the active armature is linked with the main head and the auxiliary head, then the shell is added, and the main head and the auxiliary head are composed of the static contact and the movable contact. The so-called moving contact refers to the part that can move, the static contact refers to the part that cannot move, and the main contact is used to pass the load current.


  3: Auxiliary contact is generally used to control the current, or used in other aspects, the main difference between the main contact and the auxiliary contact is that the main head is larger than the auxiliary contact, the current that can pass is also large, because it is connected or Disconnected load is performed by it.


  4: In addition, the main contact and the auxiliary contact are synchronized at the time of operation. In other words, when the main contact moves, it also has to act to assist the emergence. The auxiliary contact has normally open and normally closed.

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