Miniature Circuit Breaker Aids MX MN

Update date:2018-03-11 Source:MAXGE

Miniature Circuit Breaker Aids MX MN

  Miniature Circuit Breaker auxiliary contact group is mainly used for AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage 660V and below, DC rated operating voltage 220V and below in the control circuit for remote operation, but also according to the requirements of GB14048.4, access to the main circuit for contactors.


Structure overview:

1. The product of plastic buckle assembly structure, make full use of the inherent elasticity of nylon, no screws and special tools to disassemble and save labor, save time, save electricity.


2. The product is a direct-acting motion structure. The counter force spring adopts a pagoda type spring. The action characteristic is reliable, the mechanism is flexible, and the product design is compact, which can prevent the external sundries and dust from falling into the product. The cover of the active part of the terminal covers the live parts of the hand and cannot be touched to ensure safe use and comply with the relevant electrical safety standards. The product is compact in size, small in installation area, and mounted in a screw-fastened or snap-fitted type on a 35 mm-wide standard rail with quick and easy disassembly.


3, the product contacts are bridge double breakpoint structure. The contact is made of silver-based alloy material, with excellent contact electric properties, wear-resistant contacts, long life, and closed arc-extinguishing chamber. Neighboring appliances are safe.


4. The product's magnetic system for the E-shaped core work reliably, low loss, low noise, high mechanical strength, coil terminals A1, A2 printed voltage specifications clear and eye-catching, easy wiring.

5. Modularization, building block auxiliary contact structure according to the needs of flexible assembly.

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