High-performance, electrified auto show.

Update date:2018-03-10 Source:MAXGE

High performance, electrification, or geneva-based auto show.

In 2017, the tesla Model S sales for the first time exceeded the mercedes-benz s-class and the BMW 7 series cars, this is a wake-up call for the traditional automotive industry, it is imperative to develop electrification seems to moment, and this has become a focus of Swiss Geneva motor show this year.

The us investment bank Evercore ISI analyst erin, horst (Arndt Ellinghorst), said if the tesla solve the problem of the capacity of its Model 3, so the company will bring a greater threat to traditional automobile manufacturers.

For now, the jaguar i-pace all-electric SUV is seen by the industry as the first model to compete with tesla. Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes will use the show to showcase pure electric cars that can compete with tesla.

This year, at the Geneva motor show, people will find that the entire automotive industry is turning to electrification, whether high-end or not. Bentley, for example, will introduce its first plug-in hybrid model, and hyundai will introduce a small, pure electric vehicle called Kona.

In addition to the electrification of the car, the BMW and Toyota supercars Z4 and Supra will also be a big part of the show.

The opel brand, which is owned by France's PSA group, will not attend the show because it has no new products. Fiat Chrysler's alfa romeo, jeep and fiat brands will attend the show, but no new product displays. Ford will unveil the new SUV Edge and will launch a separate launch event for the new ford focus in April.

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