Principle of use of current transformer

Update date:2018-03-06 Source:Maxge

1) the wiring of the current transformer shall be in series principle: that is, the circuit should be connected in series with the measured circuit, and the secondary winding resistance shall be with all the instrument load. 


2) select the appropriate variable ratio according to the measured current size, otherwise the error will increase. At the same time, the secondary side must be grounded, in case the insulation is damaged, one side of the high pressure will enter the secondary low pressure side, causing personal and equipment accidents.

3) no open road is allowed on the second side.



4) in order to meet the measuring instrument, relay protection, such as circuit breaker failure judgment and fault filtering device, the generator, transformer, wire, bus bar section switch, bus circuit breaker and the bypass circuit breaker loop in the set of 2 ~ 8 secondary winding of current transformer. 

5) the installation site of the protective current transformer shall be set according to the protection of the main protection device as far as possible. 


6) in order to prevent the failure of the bus of the pillar current transformer casing, the current transformer is usually arranged on the outlet line or the transformer side of the circuit breaker.

7) in order to reduce the damage of the internal failure of the generator, the current transformer used to automatically adjust the excitation device shall be arranged on the outlet side of the generator stator winding.


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