Low-voltage electrical industry environment

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Low-voltage electrical industry environment

    Low-voltage electrical appliances are devices or devices that can be switched on or off manually or automatically based on external signals and requirements to switch, control, protect, detect, change and regulate electrical or non-electrical objects. China has about 1,500 low-voltage electrical manufacturing enterprises, more than 100 enterprises above designated size, mainly in the industry to small and medium-sized enterprises. Domestic manufacturers of low-voltage electrical equipment are generally small in scale and lack of innovation capacity. The products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, resulting in serious homogeneity of the products in the market and fierce competition. The United States and high electrical committed to becoming a world-class smart electrical brand.


    MAXGE team has more than 50 senior engineers and technicians. We are constantly learning and progressing. Our team is moving beyond a fixed mindset to challenge technical limits and show us the novelty and applicability of the best designs. Now we are working hard to meet CNAS standards in two years


    Every step of MAXGE shows its professionalism. MAXGE introduces automated production lines, MES manufacturing execution systems, and digital manufacturing plants to ensure our reliability and efficiency, which are MAXGE's premium products. All of our products comply with CE, CB, KEMA, ASTA, TUV, SEMKO and other international certification. At the same time, MAXGE provides OEM, ODM products to many internationally renowned electrical brands. with standardized operations and high performance management, MAXGE will integrate its automation and information into China by 2025 for smart production.2HDR2.jpg

    In the new era, MAXGE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will be on the stage of the Internet. Using artificial intelligence to move toward the future with cutting-edge technologies, broaden their horizons and relying on their own accumulated strength to move toward a bigger stage.

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