Automatic Transfer Switch

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Automatic Transfer Switch

  Automatic transfer switch is a microprocessor-controlled device for switching between grid and grid or grid and generator power in a grid system to supply power from a continuous source. Series of dual power supply, when the commonly used electricity suddenly fails or power failure, through the automatic transfer switch, automatically into the standby power supply (under small load backup power can also be powered by the generator) so that the device can still operate normally. The most common is the elevator, fire, surveillance, lighting and so on.


Molded case circuit breakers category

This kind of power switching system uses the molded case circuit breakers as the switching actuator, the switching function is completed by the ATS automatic control unit, which has the functions of mechanical and electrical interlocking, perfect function, good operation performance, high service life, less components and parts, easy installation . The class of CB-level switch electrical appliances, the two circuit breakers as a current breaking unit, and equipped with current release, with a certain degree of protection, automatic transfer switch on / off much higher than the relay


Load isolation switch class

Load isolation switch type switch electrical appliances in the two load isolation switch based on the installation of electric operating mechanism, mechanical chain agencies, automatic control unit, such as the integration of the assembly. Current breaking unit for the load isolation switch, the contact arc extinguishing system is designed to break the arc requirements, do not have the circuit protection, this type of product is a PC-class products, it uses a spring energy storage, instantaneous release Of the acceleration mechanism, can quickly connect, break the circuit or circuit conversion, product performance and reliable


ATS suitable for building applications such as fire and other key loads of dual power supply, EPS suitable for EPS is to address the emergency lighting, accident lighting, fire facilities, a load-powered equipment as the main goal to provide an independent fire regulations with independence Circuit emergency power supply system. UPS is mainly for the IT industry equipment to provide electricity to provide pure, uninterrupted backup power

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