Installation method of household distribution box:

Update date:2018-03-02 Source:MAXGE

1, Ming assembly electric box, distribution box is installed on the wall, should adopt open bolt fixed tube expanding bolt, bolt length is usually buried depth (75 ~ 150 mm), the box bottom plate thickness, the sum of the thickness of the nut and washer, about 5 mm plus "s surplus". For smaller distribution box, can also be embedded in the installation place good wood brick (according to the distribution box or panel mounting holes in the four corners of embedding position), and then use wood screws in the wood brick fixed distribution box or distribution board.


2, dark assembling electric box, distribution box embedded inside the wall installation, reserved holes in walls should be longer than distribution box and major about 20 mm wide, the depth of the reserved for distribution box thickness and the thickness of the hole wall plaster. In the case of the buried power distribution box, the box can be fixed with concrete.

3. The distribution box shall be firmly installed, horizontal and vertical, and the vertical deviation shall not be greater than 3mm; When concealed, there should be no gap around the distribution box. The edge of the panel should be close to the wall, and the enclosure should be covered with anticorrosive paint in contact with the building and structure.


4. The spiral fuse installed in the distribution box shall be connected to the terminal of the intermediate contact, and the load line shall be connected to the thread terminal. In this way, there will be no electric shock when loading and unloading the core. Porcelain plug fuse should be installed vertically.

5. The ac, dc or different voltage level power supply in the distribution box shall have obvious signs. In the lighting distribution box, the zero line (N line) and the protection zero line (PE line) should be set respectively. The zero line and the protection zero line should be connected in the bus bar.


6. When the wire is out of the panel, the panel hole shall be smooth without burr, and the metal panel shall be equipped with an insulating sheath. The enclosure of the metal shell distribution box must be reliably grounded (zero).

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