Determination of installation position of surge protective device

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Surge protector is an important element in the construction of lightning protection engineering, so its installation position is very important for the whole lightning protection project. The installation location of the surge protector needs to be involved in a lot of things, and the electrician's home is going to parse the installation position of the surge protector.

The position configuration of surge protector, the incorrect level configuration often causes unnecessary waste and even the function failure of surge protector.


Configuration principle: first, it should be set at any two lightning protection areas, then consider whether the power lines in the same lightning protection area are too long, so that we need to add another level to the area.

A surge protector is set at the important power port of the equipment.

Low voltage surge protector should be configured on the low voltage side of the transformer that is powered by the building. If the distance between the transformer and the general distribution cabinet is less than 20m, the surge protector can be combined with the first stage surge protector inside the building.

The low voltage surge protector requires a decentralized multistage configuration.

The first stage protection, between the LPZ0 and the LPZ1 area of the lightning strike area, is installed in front of the distribution box of the total power supply line. The maximum discharge current, 80KA (10/350 s), is less than 100ns, and its main function is to discharge the energy of the lightning strike lightning.


Second level protection, between the 0 zone of the lightning strike zone and the 1 area, is installed in front of the UPS or the distribution box. The maximum discharge current, 40KA (8/20 s), is less than 25ns, and its main function is to limit the voltage amplitude of the induced overvoltage.

The third level protection is installed parallel to the air switch of the power distribution terminal. The maximum discharge current is 10KA (8/20 s), and the utilization time is less than 25ns. The main function is the same as the second pole protection.

The fourth level protection is mainly used to protect the power system of important devices, such as servers, host computers, program-controlled switches, etc., and is installed on power sockets of important devices. The maximum discharge current, 5KA (8/20 s), is less than 25ns, and its main role is the same as the second pole protection.

The installation position is to ensure that the lightning arrester is sequentially discharged from the front to the back, and the traveling wave principle is applied to calculate accurately. In general, when the surge protector is installed on the line and there is no accurate data, the line length between the voltage switch surge protector and the pressure limiting surge protector should not be less than 10m, and the line length between the voltage limiting surge protectors should not be less than 5m.

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