Molded case circuit breakers and miniature circuit breakers difference

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Molded case circuit breakers and miniature circuit breakers difference

  The main role of molded case circuit breakers(MCCB) is to provide protection for overload and short circuits in low voltage distribution systems and motor protection circuits. Because of its reliability and stability, making it a very wide range of industrial applications.miniature circuit breakers(MCB) are also used in a very large range and quantity of circuit breaker products, the main function is to provide protection for building electrical terminal power distribution device. As both belong to the circuit breaker, and molded case circuit breaker used for small capacity on and off, so understand the difference between the two, choose the right product is very realistic and important. Here to do the simple description.


Current rating

  Molded case circuit breaker current level up to 2000A, while the miniature circuit breaker maximum current level within 125A. Due to the difference in capacity between the two in the specific work, the effective area of molded case circuit breaker is also larger than the MCB, access to the wire is also relatively thick, up to 35 square feet, and MCB only suitable for 10 Squared below the wire. So generally for indoor conditions, the larger the room is more suitable for the selection of MCCB.


Installation method

  Molded case circuit breaker with screw-based installation, easy compression, good contact, stable operation. The MCB are mainly installed through the guide rail, sometimes due to insufficient torque and lead to poor contact. Due to the different installation methods, the molded case circuit breaker is more stable and less difficult to install than the miniature circuit breaker.


Operation and life

  Operational point of view. MCCB use two sets of devices for overcurrent and short circuit protection respectively. The overcurrent protection action value can be adjusted manually and conveniently. The MCB over-current and short-circuit common set of devices, the current can not be adjusted, resulting in a lot of time can not solve the problem. MCCB with large distance between the phase, and there is the arc hood, arc ability, can withstand greater short-circuit current, and not easy to trigger phase short circuit, thus life than MCB principals.


Use flexibility

  MCCB are even more prominent in this respect, which offers better flexibility in setting up than MCB. MCCB over-current and short-circuit protection devices are independent, the use of over-current protection action value can also make flexible adjustments. Micro-circuit breakers over-current protection and short circuit protection is a unified device, there is a certain lack of regulatory flexibility.

According to the above situation seems to be MCB at a disadvantage, but in fact, for some time, or need to choose micro-circuit breaker. For example, the need to improve the safety of the circuit, because the micro-circuit breaker action sensitivity, fast breaking action, more conducive to the protection of lines and appliances.

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