MAXGE's manufacturing industry: accelerating to intelligent manufacturing

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MAXGE's manufacturing industry: accelerating to intelligent manufacturing

China's manufacturing industry has been developing rapidly by relying on a wide market, cheap labor and raw materials and low cost of land. It has formed a fairly large scale and a certain level of industrial production system, and has become an important pillar industry of China's economic development. But with the acceleration of the aging population, more and more people engaged in heavy manual labor and simple labor is less, land, raw materials, fuel and power production factors such as cost of comprehensive and rapid rise, the cost advantage gradually weakened, Chinese is no longer the lowest manufacturing cost of production base.


And the development model of "high investment, high energy consumption, high pollution, low efficiency and low return" is also becoming more and more serious to the destruction of resources and environment and ecological balance. In China's manufacturing industry, the contribution rate of technological progress and innovation capability to manufacturing industry is relatively low, and those products and components with high technology content and high added value are mostly controlled by foreign capital. Therefore, China's traditional manufacturing industry is big and not strong, the development model is not sustainable, and it is urgent to form a new competitive advantage. The two integration of informatization and industrialization, the development of intelligent manufacturing and the new road of industrialization are the inevitable trend of China's economic transformation and upgrading.


Intelligent manufacturing is far from the interconnection of simple devices. From a technical point of view, intelligent manufacturing is the Internet of things, intelligent machines, big data, the analysis of several aspects, people, technology and data together, through big data analysis techniques, to find the problems in the production and puts forward the best solution, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs. To meet a variety of dynamic market demand.


In fact China from a big manufacturing country to a manufacturing power has 4 industrial standards, in the manufacturing process and process upgrading rapidly there is a certain difficulty, but also the need for a step by step from the simple to the complex process of transformation and upgrading: automatic from stand-alone products to production and factory, and then to the intelligent production and management the. In terms of interconnection and intercommunication of equipment, China's manufacturing and developed countries are basically running on the same line.


But the key factor in the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing is not only the improvement of technology, but also the management level. Compared with the manufacturing power of Germany, in addition to the technical foundation, Chinese products have a short board in the design, the process of the establishment and management of the process. Although the Germans are rigid on the surface, they create a German brand by insisting on their beliefs and rules, rules, standards and procedures. Therefore, Chinese manufacturing enterprises should not only have enthusiasm and courage, but also need to sink their minds to do fine.

Now,MAXGE is Committed to becoming the leading brand of intelligent electric in the world.


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