​Home distribution box installation points

Update date:2018-02-26 Source:MAXGE

1, household distribution box is divided into two kinds of metal shell and plastic shell, there are two types of brightly packed and concealed, the box must be intact.


2, home distribution box wiring box should be set up zero line neutral, protective ground wire, phase, and to be intact, with good insulation.

3, the installation of air switch rack should be smooth and unobstructed and have enough space, should be installed in dry, ventilated parts, and without obstruction, easy to use. Never install the power distribution box in the cabinet to prevent fire.


4, home distribution box distribution box should not be installed too high, the general installation elevation of 1.8 meters, in order to operate; into the electrical distribution box must be fixed with a lock nut.

5, if the home distribution box distribution box to be perforated, the edge of the hole should be smooth, smooth, distribution box buried in the wall should be vertical, horizontal, the edge of the left 5 to 6 mm gap distribution box wiring Should be rules, tidy, terminal screws must be fastened.


6, each circuit into the line must have sufficient length, may not have joints, after installation indicate the use of the circuit name, home distribution box to be completed after the installation to be cleaned distribution box remnants.

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