How to choose surge protector in circuit design

Update date:2018-02-21 Source:maxge

If the surge voltage occurs in the use of electrical products, it will lead to a sudden change in the power supply voltage of the circuit and affect the normal operation of the circuit. If there is a surge voltage on the digital signal line, it will lead to the failure of digital logic, or even damage the interface circuit.


The surge pulse frequency is low, wide bandwidth (B=1/f), if it is a low pass filter, because its principle is allowed below the cutoff frequency signal through, but higher than the cut-off frequency signal cannot pass, so for the inhibition of surge is limited, therefore in general use special surge protection devices.


There is a common feature of surge protection devices, that is, at normal voltage, there is no effect on the work of the circuit and does not play any role. Once the high pulse voltage is coming, the impedance of surge protection device will become low, and it will lead to the fast conduction through its own current, so that the ability of surge voltage will bypass and ensure that the voltage of the circuit is in a reasonable range.


The usual surge protection devicesare gas discharge tubes, varistors, and TVS transient suppression diodes.

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