Circuit breaker overload protection

Update date:2018-02-17 Source:MAXGE

The realization of the overload protection function of the circuit breaker is the principle of using the bimetallic to bend regularly with the increase of temperature.


Closed miniature circuit breaker in normal working condition. The bimetal internal heating due to its current through two pieces of metal. The thermal expansion coefficient of different bending, normal current (1.13In) small bending angle, so the thrust is not enough to make trip trip, when the line of overload. When the overload current (1.45In), the bending angle of the bimetal large touch tripping mechanism in thrust lever, enough to push the release mechanism, so that the tripping of miniature circuit breakers to overload protection. The current size of a small circuit breaker is different, and the bimetallic sheet produces a different degree of bending. 


When the overloading current is not too large, the break time of the circuit breaker is generally longer in the general overload of the line. In the current GB10963.1-2005 standard, the overcurrent release current is 1.45 times that of the rated current. The release time should be within 1 hours.


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