Working principle of air circuit breaker.

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Of the circuit breaker is the circuit breaker, switch on, breaking and carrying the rated working current, and can be in line with motor overload, short circuit, undervoltage of reliable protection. The circuit breaker's motion, static contact and contact rod are designed to be parallel, and the electric repulsion force caused by short circuit is used to break the dynamic and static contact head, and the breaking capacity is high and the current limit is strong.


In short circuit, the aromatic insulator in the periphery of the static contact is vaporized, and the arc is cooled, and the arc distance is zero. The circuit breaker's arc extinguishing chamber adopts the metal grating structure, and the contact system has the repulsion limit flow mechanism. Therefore, the circuit breaker has very high breaking capacity and limiting capacity. . It has a double tripping device. The inverse time limit action is a bimetallic strip subjected to thermal bending to make the trip of the trip, the instantaneous action is the iron core street iron mechanism to drive the trip. There are three kinds of tripping methods: thermodynamic, electromagnetic and multiple tripping. The inside of the air switch is delicate, but the principle is simple. It has a 10-20 coil inductance between the incoming line and the outgoing line, and the current is enough to absorb the mechanical lever while the action is protected. 


It's a good recommendation to be safe without changing insurance. The automatic air switch is also known as a low-voltage circuit breaker, which can be used to connect and break the load circuit, or to control the motor that does not start frequently. Its function is equal to the knife switch, over-current relay, relay, thermal relay, pressure loss and leakage protector electrical part or all of the functions such as sum, it is a kind of important in the low voltage distribution network protection appliances.


The automatic air switch with multiple protection function (overload, short circuit, under voltage protection, etc.), action value is adjustable, high breaking capacity, the advantages of convenient operation, safe, so is widely used at present

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