Is there a circuit breaker in front of the photovoltaic lightning protection device?

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Is there a circuit breaker in front of the photovoltaic lightning protection device?

No circuit breaker in front of lightning protection;

Breaker in front of lightning protection.


The surge protectors (SPD) are divided into two types: pressure-limiting SPD(zinc oxide MOV) and switch type SPD(gas discharge tube). Due to the characteristics of the limited type SPD components, a short circuit failure will occur under the condition of a large lightning strike, temporary overvoltage or deterioration. Short circuit failure the SPD fire happens, in order to protect the safety of the power distribution lines and power supply continuity, need to install a switch in the SPD front, when short circuit occurs in the SPD in time to cut off the SPD branch, avoid fire cause more accidents.


This switch, also known as the SPD's backup protection device. The main function is to break the SPD branch and protect the power distribution line during the short circuit failure of the surge protector. The backup protection device is not limited to the circuit breaker, and the traditional circuit breaker and fuse are also available in the market, and there is a backup protection device dedicated to the SPD, which is superior to the circuit breaker and the fuse.


Requirements for the circuit breaker: the circuit breaker does not take off the circuit breaker when the rated power flow is applied to 20 standard 8/20 microseconds and 1.2/50 microsecond test pulses. The breaker moves when the surge is short circuited.


Type of circuit breaker: the electric surge device must be protected in every pole, and the circuit breaker must have more than the maximum short-circuit current.

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