Basic requirements for safety technology of electrical equipment

Update date:2018-02-11 Source:MAXGE

Electrical accident statistics show that, due to the defects in the structure of electrical equipment, the poor installation quality and the failure to meet the safety requirements cause a large proportion of accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the person and equipment, the following requirements are required for the electrical equipment in the safety technology.


(1) reliable protective measures should be taken for charged equipment exposed to the ground and easily touched by the body. 

(2) the charged part of the equipment should keep a certain safe distance from the ground and other charged parts.

(3) an overvoltage power system, which should have an overvoltage protection device such as a lightning rod, a lightning rod, a lightning arrester, and a protective gap.


(4) the low voltage power system should have grounding and zero protection devices.

(5) different types of protective measures should be adopted for all kinds of high voltage electrical equipment, such as installing high voltage fuse and circuit breaker. For low voltage electrical equipment, the corresponding low electrical protection measures should be adopted for protection.


(6) safety signs should be set at the installation site of electrical equipment.

(7) special safety measures should be taken in accordance with the characteristics and requirements of some electrical equipment.

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