Classification and function of relay

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The relay is switched on or off to a control circuit according to the change of input signal, realize the automatic control and protection of the electric drive system of electrical appliances, the input signal that can make the voltage and current of electricity (up to a certain voltage and current will switch the circuit), can also speed, time, temperature and the pressure of non electricity (the monitored equipment reaches a certain speed, for a period of time or temperature, or the gas / liquid pressure will connect or disconnect the circuit).


The main circuit is generally not used to relay control signal direct current strong, but through the contactor or other electrical control of the main circuit, so the same contactor is compared, the breaking capacity of the relay contact is very small, does not need the interrupter device, simple structure, small volume, light weight, but the accuracy of the relay is higher request.


There are many kinds of relays, their working principles and structures are also different, but generally speaking, the relay room is made up of three parts: the bearing mechanism, the intermediate organization and the executive organization.


According to the different uses of the relay, the relay can be divided into: control relay and protective relay.

According to its action principle, it is divided into electromagnetic relay, induction relay, thermal relay, mechanical relay, electric relay and electronic relay.


According to the reaction parameters, the current relay, the voltage relay, the time relay, the speed relay, the pressure relay and so on.

According to the action time, it is divided into instantaneous relay and delay relay.

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