Application of residual current device

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The rated voltage is 220V household electrical equipment, such as washing machine, refrigerator, electric irons, television sets, electric fans, and often without contact residents to use electricity safety professional training, and these electrical equipment often plug with frequent operation, easily dangerous in direct contact with the electric shock;


On the other hand, in accordance with the household electrical safety standards, these household electrical equipment shell should be grounded on asylum, must with three sockets grounding special line, some unmodified vintage house without considering the earth sheltered facilities are generally not with three sockets, so users often buy household appliances, still with three plugs into the ground shield two plugs, with some use of household appliances in the absence of safety protection measures in the case of.


In this way, when the electrical equipment is damaged such as electric leakage and shell failure, the equipment casing can display the dangerous voltage which is different from the working voltage. When the human body touches the real time, the danger level is different from the direct contact electric shock. Moreover, in reality, sometimes the connection between the grounding line and the power cord connected with the shell is sometimes mistakenly connected, and an electric shock accident occurs, plus some household appliances are out of balance. The risk of electric shock is even greater.


When there are more household appliances, we should install an action current of 30mA at the back of the household energy meter, which is a small capacity residual current operated circuit breaker or a residual current operated protective socket.


Medical electrical equipment used in the hospital, due to frequent contact with patients, but also easily occur directly accessible by accident, and the patients with shock, ventricular fibrillation threshold is lower than normal person, prone to death,so should choose the residual current device in the power supply which current is 6mA.

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