2018 BrandZ China Top 50 Outbound Brands Report Released

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In recent years, with the rise of China's overall national strength, more and more Chinese enterprises have stepped out of the country and moved from "made in China" to "create in China". In 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed "Silk Road Economic Belt" initiative, and "The Belt and Road" long-term economic diplomacy, a "going out" of the Chinese brand development path to have the whole world in view China corporate guidelines. In recent years, the concept of "sea" has also become the most frequently cited phrase in Chinese enterprises. Finding overseas new user growth point has become the choice of more Chinese enterprises.MAXGE


BrandZ China's top 50 brands in 2018

In February 6th, the world's largest advertising and communication group WPP, the world's leading information consulting company, Kai Du Hua Tong Ming Lue and Google jointly released the list and the report of "the top 50 Chinese brands of BrandZ in China" in 2018. In this report, we can be proud to see the influence of Chinese brands in the international market.

As far as this year's BrandZ list is, consumer electronics is still the best category at present, and Lenovo, HUAWEI, millet and Anker are the dominant brands. In 2018, a total of 10 consumer electronics brands entered the top 50, accounting for 34% of the total brand power. Overall, consumer electronics, mobile games and e-commerce categories (including online fast fashion) contributed 61% of brand strength to the top 50, while the other 7 categories accounted for 39% of the total brand strength. In the top ten brands on the list, consumer electronic brands accounted for 40%.MAXGE


Google helps Chinese brands to go to the world


Each enterprise will face different problems and challenges because of its own industry and the level of the sea. How to build the brand volume in overseas, how to obtain accurate insight into the overseas consumers and so on, it is a big problem for the majority of enterprises are facing the sea China.

In February 6th, at the top 50 press conference of BrandZ China's export brand, Mr. Scott Beaumont, President of Google Greater China and South Korea, said:"Google is very honored and proud to cooperate with these enterprises. We have many partners to help these partners to develop their businesses with various tools of Google. Google has a number of tools to help the brand to find the appropriate investment market, a collection of product and service characteristics of better contact potential customers or potential customers' needs, and can grasp the pulse of the market, better contact these potential consumers and customers.“

The product out of world is the goal of MAXGE Electric.

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