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Update date:2018-02-07 Source:MAXGE

On the morning of February 6, MAXGE ELECTRIC was invited to participate in the Google Think with Google Annual Summit in Hangzhou. At the summit, Google Shared their achievements in artificial intelligence, especially the layout of Google in the Chinese market.


At the summit, Google greater China President Shi Bo au (Scott Beaumont) summarizes the recent Google applied AI to its products and services, with the rapid development of science and technology of China and to the AI. The TensorFlow is also introduced.


TensorFlow is one of the world's most popular open source and one of the machine learning framework.It is fast, flexible and suitable for the product level characteristics such as large scale, so vit can let developers and researchers to easily use artificial intelligence to solve a variety of challenges, whether it's environment, health, education, or the product.


Google China, Google Cloud AI  center President r&d supervisor angel lee for Google to understand Cloud AI's mission: to product development and AI research from all walks of life more closely together, make the AI to help enterprises in the industry challenges. In her speech, li jia Shared some specific examples of Google's AI technology and traditional industries, such as AI+ education, AI+ medical and so on.


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