General electric release 2017 renewable energy performance wind power business performance bright

Update date:2018-02-03 Source:maxge

Recently, GE announced its 2017 earnings, the earnings report of the total renewable energy business orders throughout the year to reach $10 billion 400 million, sales reached $10 billion 300 million. Among them, the international land wind order of General Electric renewable energy in 2017 increased by 30% year on year, showing bright eyes.


In terms of orders, in 2017 Ge respectively in the United States and Australia won the largest wind turbine orders, installed capacity of 2 GW, 453 MW respectively.


In the acquisition case, General Electric renewable energy also bought LM Wind Power, a fan blade manufacturer, with a trading scale of 1 billion 500 million euros.


At present, General Electric renewable energy has become the largest supplier of offshore wind power in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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