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Update date:2018-02-03 Source:MAXGE

New energy power generation, photovoltaic (pv), we expect China pv market demand in 2018 at about 50 gw, about the same as 17 years, but the change in the structure, the distributed power station of raised, especially the village-level photovoltaic user to poverty alleviation and distributed two segments, the two market is expected to 2018 installed capacity 5 gw and 6 gw respectively. In terms of wind power, the industry will recover in 2018 and the volume will return to normal.


Industrial energy storage: in 2017, China's GDP growth of 6.9%, has realized the speed for the first time since 7 years), the whole society power consumption grew by 6.6% year on year, the global economy stabilises + domestic obvious signs of economic recovery, as a high correlation industry, we expect the recovery to control at least until the third quarter of 2019. Energy storage, southern regulatory bureau recently released the southern area of electrochemical energy storage power station parallel operation management and auxiliary service management regulations (try out) ", a clear energy storage system, a number of technical indicators, standardizes the access mechanism, will take advantage of the long-term development of the energy storage.


Power equipment: overall investment in the power grid tends to be stable.


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