The development prospects of China's electrical equipment industry.

Update date:2018-02-02 Source:maxge

Because of China's electrical equipment industry still has a weak foundation, the lack of independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, electronic equipment supporting the development of low-voltage electrical appliances and electric products, do not pay attention to the use of raw materials is not reasonable, enterprises in the implementation of international standards of electronic products behind many problems, making China's computer products spanning first, second generations, directly into production, the development of the third, fourth generation of products is difficult to become a reality. Here is an analysis of the development prospects of the electrical industry.


To promote the development of electrical equipment industry.First, For the second generation of defective products, the second development,and the enhancement of the series of electrical products development, easy for users to update the use;Second,focus on the development and promotion of the third generation of products, the market share increased to more than 50%, and improve the development of series of products.Third, have enough economic strength and technological development ability of industry leading enterprises to speed up the development of the fourth generation of products, with international low-voltage electrical technology, the fourth generation product popularity in the domestic practical basis.


 At present, the focus of the industry development is the third generation of products, which improves the market share of high-class home made low voltage electrical apparatus products, meets the matching needs of low-voltage distribution, control systems and devices and national key projects, and significantly improves the reliability and appearance quality of main low voltage electrical appliances in China. From the current development situation, should focus on the development of the following eight categories of electrical products: intelligent frame circuit breaker, intelligent circuit breaker, AC contactor, low voltage vacuum circuit breaker, electronic motor protector, starter (including soft starter), the new terminal appliances (focus on the development of low voltage surge protective devices), control and protection switch electrical appliances.


According to the reality of low voltage electrical apparatus Market in our country, to satisfy the needs of different users, we should start the grade of the leading products. The development of the main products of low voltage apparatus should be divided into three grades: advanced, high type and economical and practical, so as to make users choose rationally according to actual needs.


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