The strategic positioning of MAXGE electric brand

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MAXGE Electric technology CO., LTD. Has gradually established its own corporate culture and strategic upgrading and positioning

of its own brand after more than a decade of struggle and effort.

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I. brand promotion and protection

Approved by the state administration for industry and commerce for approval of the original zhejiang meigel electric technology CO., LTD. Upgrade to an enterprise without administrative division, name of the company: MAXGE Electric technology CO., LTD.

After the change, the name of the company is protected by the name of the company, which can only be owned by a high-tech enterprise in the United States. Other high-tech companies in the us are not allowed to change to a regional name; The name of the industry is protected. There is no protection in other industries.

Ii. Core refining of the brand

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At the top of the company, the senior management of the company finally established the latest enterprise brand management manual through the planning of enterprise development. The BI part clearly clarified the management philosophy of the enterprise:


I. brand interpretation

Chinese name: meigao electric beauty: good to the United States: high talent

English name: maxge

MAX: maximum (for maximum) GE: General Electric (General Electric)


Ii. Corporate vision

MAXGE vision: dedicated to becoming a world-class brand of smart electric


Iii. Corporate mission

MAXGE's  mission: intelligent manufacturing, intelligent electric, intelligent life


Iv. Corporate values

MAXGE's values: good to the good, high talent

V. brand slogan

MAXGE Switch on to the future

Vi. Product concept

MAXGE‘s product concept: safe and reliable, environmental protection energy conservation, scientific and technological innovation, artificial intelligence

7. Enterprise spirit

MAXGE's spirit: integrity, focus, pragmatism, innovation

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Iii. Brand strategy positioning

Business competition at the present stage of decisive place in consumers' mind, this is the core of the positioning theory, how to

strategic positioning, effective implementation enterprise transformation and upgrading is every decision makers have to face the


Beautiful high electric by consumers at home and abroad in the mind to make an in-depth, repositioning, after the "beauty high open a better future" strategic becoming to continuous improvement, business operations more efficient, brand awareness rapid ascension, the rapid development of the enterprise into a more benign channel.

The father of the enterprise management. Peter drucker once said: as a result of the enterprise purpose is to create a customer, so

the business enterprise has one and only two basic functions marketing and innovation, and marketing is successful and competitors themselves. And the MAXGE electric is inheriting this kind of philosophy to use the international trade department and the technical research and development center as the enterprise strongdevelopment motivation base on China to face the whole world!

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