Installation of AC contactor

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1.Generally should be installed in the vertical surface, the inclination is not more than 5 degrees, should pay attention to the proper space of flying arc, in order to avoid burning bad neighbouring electrical appliances.


2.The location and height of the installation should be convenient for routine inspection and maintenance, and there should be no violent vibration at the location of the installation.


3.The screws of mounting holes should be equipped with a spring washer and a gasket, and tighten the screw to prevent loose or vibration, and do not fall into the inner of the contactor.

4.After checking the wiring is correct, the main coil should be electrified and divided several times to check whether the contactor action is reliable and then put into operation when the main contact is not charged.

5.Metal shell or rack should be reliably grounded.


6.Other matters of attention:

(1) when the contactor is at different working voltages, the power that can be controlled should be based on the technical data of the product sample. It should be noted that the working current at a lower working voltage should not exceed the rated heating current of the same contactor, and the maximum working voltage should not exceed the rated insulation voltage of the contactor.


(2) consideration of the influence of environmental conditions: when the contactor is used in the case of poor heat dissipation and high ambient temperature, the use of the capacity should be appropriately reduced. However, some small and medium size contactors, such as CJ8, CJ10 and other series of AC contactors, have a certain margin in the design of temperature rise, but the capacity can not be reduced.

In addition, in order to reduce the power loss and noise in operation, CJ12 and other series of AC contactors have DC operated derivative varieties, which can be used for silent operation of AC contactors.

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