The difference between the thermal magnetic type and the electronic formula of the mouldesd case circuit breaker

Update date:2018-01-31 Source:maxge

Thermal magnetic circuit breaker is the most of the previous structure, is the use of electric heat effect and electric magnetic effect, thermal effect is the use of double sheet metal structure to implement, switch current, double sheet metal bending deformation, deformation to push the tripping device, switch to a certain extent after the trip switch, thermal overload the current through the mechanical adjustment screw to adjust the switch, adjust the accuracy is not high, which belongs to the inverse time current is larger, action, action time is shorter, some large switches such as electric circuit breaker, overload current is not directly using the double sheet metal structure, but the use of current transformer, a current into two times in the current access


Through the relay, thermal relay normally open and normally closed contact, control the trip coil, the switch is disconnected, instantaneous large current trip is the use of magnetic effect, in the end there is a switch of electromagnetic coil structure, when a large current or short circuit current (instantaneous trip current is much larger than the 0 suction, overload current switch the resulting electromagnetic coil increases directly to the switch tripping device, through the mechanical adjustment screw to adjust the switch. The thermoelectric magnetic structure does not need the external power supply, and the anti-interference is strong. The trip coil can not be used.


The electronic mode is to check the switch current and the current value to control the output through the current transformer loop, output the control trip coil, and let the switch trip. The advantage is that the precision is high, and the adjustment is convenient, setting the value directly or using potentiometer to adjust. The shortcoming is the need to use the trip coil, the need for power supply, the electronic circuit problem is more difficult to deal with, the ability to resist interference a little.


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